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Ankle Pain Diagnostic and Care at Ringer Chiropractic


Ringer Chiropractic provides treatment for many types of pain including ankle pain. If you have pain, limited mobility, or tenderness in your ankle or lower leg, do not put off getting the help you need. We’ll work with you to determine the cause and the available treatment options. Your chiropractor in our office can offer holistic treatment options to get you moving again in no time.

What Causes Ankle Pain?

The ankle is made up of three bones that connect in a joint. The lower end of the tibia, also known as the shinbone, the fibula, the lower leg small bone, as well as the talus, the ankle bone, come together in a socket. There is cartilage present that helps to provide absorption of shock when you walk. When these muscles, tendons, and ligaments work together, there is no pain, and you can easily move as you need to. But, for some people, changes occur that cause the pain you feel.

Any time there is a misalignment of these structures, the ankle cannot work properly. This causes problems with the nerves in this area. Your tissues develop inflammation, too. There are many reasons this can happen including:

  • Trauma to the area from an accident or fall
  • Poor posture
  • Uneven gait
  • Hip and back alignment concerns
  • Excessive weight
  • Torn ligaments and much more

Diagnostics for Ankle Pain

If you experience any type of pain in your ankle, don’t ignore it. Rather, come in to see our team for a comprehensive examination. We’ll use x-rays and a full exam to determine the underlying cause of your pain. We will talk about any injuries, medical conditions, mobility concerns, and other areas of concern you have. From there, we can make recommendations for your treatment.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Improve Your Pain

There are solutions for ankle pain for many people. Our goal will be to determine the proper option. With chiropractic care, we often find that a misalignment of the spinal column, hips, and legs leads to the limited ability to walk properly. Posture issues can happen here, too. When this occurs, it leads to pain in the ankle. We can fix it by properly aligning your spinal column and other misaligned joints in your body.

We also want to treat the inflammation present. We’ll do this by using massage therapy. We may also recommend the use of corrective exercises. These work to help you to walk in the proper manner to relieve the pressure that is being put on your ankles. By doing this, we can significantly improve your ability to protect that joint and reduce pain.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Chiropractor in Tracy for Ankle Pain

If you are suffering from ankle pain, no matter the severity, we encourage you to contact your chiropractor in Tracy for a consultation. At Ringer Chiropractic, we provide outstanding one-on-one service to help you see significant improvement in your pain and mobility needs. Call us at (209) 835-2225 for an appointment.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Ringer and his team are absolutely outstanding to work with whether you are post injury or just need a good adjustment. They are nothing but professional and helpful - even when you are being a challenging patient! Convenient evening appointments - I have never been turned away for a time to come in. Dr. Ringer taught me the correct exercises to help strengthen my neck and back and took this very fearful and cynical RN and made her a believer!!!! I now look forward to my adjustments because"
    Patricia G. February 2015