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Low back pain treatment at Tracy chiropractor

At Ringer Chiropractic, lower back pain is one of the most common symptoms we treat. Your lower back muscles are vulnerable to everyday strains and sprains, especially if your movements are repetitive, abrupt, or lack proper support. You may also develop lower back pain because of a condition or acute injury that prevents your tissue or joints from healing or working together properly. No matter what your lower back pain looks like, we offer natural back pain treatment options that may work for you.

Our Tracy chiropractors, medical doctors, and therapists work together to help patients heal. If you have lower back pain that interferes with your quality of life, consider our integrative approach to back pain relief.

Common Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

While "lower back pain" may sound like its own symptom, it is actually a common problem that may include (or be accompanied by) specific types of discomfort and pain. For example, some lower back pain makes it difficult to walk or stand, and some back pain radiates into other body parts. Pain itself also comes in different types and severity levels. Because our treatment approach is designed to solve the underlying source of your lower back pain, it is important to know each and every symptom you are experiencing.

We will make it easier by sharing some of the symptoms that we see most frequently in Tracy, CA. Many of our patients experience lower back pain that includes the following symptoms:

  • Stiffness and difficulty moving
  • Limited range of motion in back muscles or spine
  • Pain while walking or standing
  • Pain that radiates to the groin, buttocks, and upper thighs
  • Pain that radiates down one leg
  • Muscle spasms that cause pain and restrict movement
  • Numbness in the lower back or upper legs
  • Tingling in the lower back or upper legs

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common symptom because it has many possible causes. Injury, illness, age-related degeneration, and even stress and poor posture can all lead to pain in the lower back. Some of the most common causes of lower back pain in Tracy include:

Sciatica – The sciatic nerve has a cluster of roots in the lower back, but it spreads to the legs and feet, so any compression or pressure will cause both back pain and pain elsewhere in the body

Muscle Strain – Sports injuries, workers comp injuries, and auto accident injuries may all include tearing or straining of the lower back muscles. If you lifted a heavy object, twisted suddenly, or simply moved in a low-impact way without proper core muscle support, you could have a slight lower back injury

Degenerative Disc Disease –Discs prevent the vertebrae from rubbing against each other, so when they degenerate, extra friction may cause severe lower back pain

Herniated Disc – When a disc slips out of place, spinal fluid may leak onto the sensitive spinal nerves, causing lower back pain

Spondylolisthesis – Chronic stress and strain may cause this painful condition, in which one vertebra slides forward over another  

Our Tracy Chiropractic Treatments for Natural Back Pain Relief

If you are interested in a natural, non-surgical path to back pain relief, you have many options at our Tracy chiropractic clinic. Chiropractic care is a holistic, drug-free wellness approach that targets the source of your symptoms to promote healing, and it includes both pain relief and corrective care. Our goal isn't just to relieve the immediate pain, but also to help your body heal and prevent the problem from occurring again.

So, how do we treat lower back pain? Each Tracy chiropractor and doctor at our integrated wellness center is a specialist in specific injuries and conditions. Your treatment needs will depend on the source of your back pain, so it is very important for us to get to the root of your symptoms for long-term relief. Our lower back pain treatment approach usually includes a combination of chiropractic techniques, including chiropractic adjustments that realign the vertebrae and massage therapy that stimulates inflamed muscle and tissue to encourage healing.

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  • "Dr. Ringer and his team are absolutely outstanding to work with whether you are post injury or just need a good adjustment. They are nothing but professional and helpful - even when you are being a challenging patient! Convenient evening appointments - I have never been turned away for a time to come in. Dr. Ringer taught me the correct exercises to help strengthen my neck and back and took this very fearful and cynical RN and made her a believer!!!! I now look forward to my adjustments because of his gentle touch and I know how great I will feel afterward. You won't be sorry you chose them!"
    Patricia G. February 2015